2017-2018 Season*

  • Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Sept. 21-24, 2017 September 21 – 23 at 7:30 pm September 24 at 2pm Mark Twain’s 1885 novel about friendship and freedom comes to life onstage, as a scrappy Huck Finn and a runaway slave named Jim experience hilarious and suspenseful adventures along the untamed Mississippi. With an Award-winning score by country-western mainstay Roger Miller that combines bluegrass, gospel and honkytonk, “Big River” is a jaunty journey of pure Americana. Read more
  • It’s a Wonderful Life – Nov. 16-19, 2017 November 16-18 at 7:30pm November 19 at 2pm What better way to kick off the holidays than a stage retelling of a Christmas classic that fans watch time and time again. George Bailey is an “Everyman” in 1945 from the small town of Bedford Falls, New York who has given up on his dreams of escape and adventure. His despair prompts a guardian angel named Clarence to descend on Christmas Eve to save his soul by showing George just what the world would have been like if he had not been born. Read more
  • Romeo & Juliet – Feb. 15-18, 2018 February 15 – 17 at 7:30pm February 18 at 2pm William Shakespeare’s tragic tale of star-crossed lovers caught between two long-feuding families is one of the Bard’s most well-known and oft-produced dramas. Although the two youths try to fashion a new world amid the cataclysmic clashes of their elders, tragic twists propel these impassioned young lovers toward a final, and deadly, confrontation with fate. Read more
  • Disney’s The Little Mermaid – May 3-6, 2018 May 3-5 at 7:30pm May 6 at 2pm Swim with ACT to a magical kingdom fathoms below where the beautiful mermaid Ariel dreams of a life on land in the world above with handsome Prince Eric. When she bargains with the evil sea witch Ursula to trade her mermaid tail and beautiful voice for human legs and true love, Ariel’s best friends – Flounder the Fish, Scuttle the Seagull and Sebastian the Crab – strive to return Ariel to her father, King Triton, and restore order “Under  the Sea.” Read more

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