Reliance Bank and Altoona Community Theatre present “The Isaacs”

The Mission of the Isaac Awards is to encourage & support excellence in high school musical theatre in our region through an annual awards event that recognizes student achievement.  

The 2018 Isaac Awards for High School Musicals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27, 2018, 7:30 p.m. at Altoona’s historic Mishler Theatre.  Tickets are $18.

From a participating school:
“First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and ACT for all that you have done with the ISAACS.  My students are still talking about last weekend.  It was our first ISAAC experience since I took over the program, and it truly exceeded my expectations.  We had three school board members in attendance. They were more than impressed with the experience.  They even met with the superintendent and business manager to share their thoughts.  Participating in your wonderful event has inspired them to assist us with finding more funding, and I’m so excited to see the impact it will have on our program’s future.  We hope to make our participation an annual event. Thank you a million times over!”

Big News for the Isaac Awards 

The 2017 Isaac Awards had 20 schools participating from six counties.  (Past Isaacs schools, nominations, and awardees are listed in the Archives.  Click the Archives link on the upper right.)

We are proud to report that, this year alone, local high school students received $55,000 in college scholarships through the Isaac Awards.  In addition, five participating schools were randomly selected to each receive $1,000 for their musical’s budget next year.

Altoona Community Theatre’s Isaac Awards for High School Musicals has become such a success that for 2017 we expanded from one night to two nights in order to accommodate the many schools that wanted to participate as well as our own ACT patrons and the general public who wanted to attend and be part of the magic.

The Challenge

In the past few years, the Isaac Awards became a victim of its own success and outgrew our home at the Mishler Theatre.  We had as many as 14 participating schools from five counties, and we just couldn’t fit any more in the theatre.  It was a good problem to have, but it was still a problem.  We were forced to turn away schools that wanted to participate.  In addition, since we could barely squeeze all of the students and parents into the theatre, we could not open ticket sales to our own ACT patrons let alone the general public.  But we did not want to leave the Mishler Theatre.

The Solution

For 2017 (our 12th anniversary year), Altoona Community Theatre  expanded the Isaac Awards to two nights for two completely separate award shows at Altoona’s historic Mishler Theatre.

The Saturday night Isaac Awards was a group of 11 schools with their own judges, their own nominations, their own awards, and their own Isaac scholarships.  The Sunday night Isaac Awards was a different group of 9 schools who also had their own judges, their own nominations, their own awards, and their own Isaac scholarships.

We had twice as many students being recognized with Isaac Awards and twice as many Isaacs scholarships from $6,000 last year up to $12,000 this year.  In addition, both Penn State Altoona and Mount Aloysius College continued their scholarship program for students who participate in Isaacs high school musicals.  In the past three years, Isaacs college scholarships awarded to local high school students totaled $125,000.

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